“People don’t come to therapy to change their past, but their future.”

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an exciting modern approach to hypnotherapy, which has at its core, the understanding that, not only are we all unique but that we all interact with the world in our own unique way.

We all encounter obstacles in our life and there are some times when it feels difficult to see a way forward. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy it can be possible to begin making the small difference, that makes a difference, to the the way in which we do things.


It starts with a phone call


We both work with our clients to help them overcome fears and phobias or just bad habits. Some of our clients are just not feeling confident when going for interviews or traveling on public transport. Perhaps you have a fear of something and feel it is holding you back from enjoying a more fulfilled life. If a fear of flying is keeping you from that dream family holiday then maybe we can help you. Do you suffer from anxiety or have some habits that are hard to control? Why not contact us for a free consultation call to see if working together can be a way forward.

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