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gentle empowerment

“People dont come to therapy to change their past but their future.”

– Milton H. Erickson

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Becauase today, more than ever, we spend most of our time connected or plugged in, it can be difficult to let go or just switch off. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques you can learn better ways to deal with stress, take control and make your life calmer, smoother and more enjoyable.


It can sometimes, all get a bit too much and overwhelming. That tight feeling in your tummy or across your chest? Imagine having that feeling gone and how much better would that feel? Just being able to go out, to the shops or cinema, visiting loved ones, family or friends

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Some of the things we can help with

Anxiety – Fears – Phobias

Weight Loss – Confidence

Addictions – Smoking Cessation

Work/Life Balance and more…